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Saving money by using Printplace Coupons

Printing services will eventually become obsolete. That is my belief, but I also know that day is still decades away. It will be a good day ecologically as the world becomes virtually paperless. I am a firm believer myself that we should all be a paperless as possible (for tips on how to make this happen, check out this Time article). Until that day comes, however, businesses should not completely avoid printing-based marketing. Posters, brochures, business cards and similar materials continue to be something we all rely on.

The good news is that the cost of printing seems to have come down, thanks in part the number of printing companies that now do business online. The most notable one is Vistaprint, which now regularly has commercials on TV. Although Vistaprint is a perfectly competent company that offers low prices for all types of printing, it is not my favorite. I personally like a company called Printplace the most. On the whole, this company is a bit more expensive, even if you take advantage of Printplace coupons. Despite this, I still favor them because I like their quality of work better.

And when it comes to printed marketing materials, quality goes a long way. You do not want whatever you are promoting to come off as cheap, and inexpensive printing on poor-quality paper will definitely give that impression. On the other hand, a well-designed piece that is printed on quality paper will have the opposite effect. So the extra money you pay (so long as it's not too much) can definitely be worth it.

Printplace is also a smaller company and I feel the customer service is better than what I've encountered at other companies. I'll admit that most of the time, if you use a good website, you won't have to contact customer service. Most printing companies have sites that are easy to use, and the buying process is pretty seamless. Nevertheless, I get more peace of mind knowing that I am using a company that, when push comes to shove, will offer me with superlative technical support.

Regardless of the printing service you end up using, you should always take the extra effort to find online coupons. I use Printplace coupons from all the time to score extra savings. Fortunately, the company offers specials on a regular basis, and I can usually find at least one coupon code I can use to shave off a few dollars from my order total.